HOSPIIO would be a one-stop shop for anyone looking for professional doctors online consultations, medical records storage, a health tracker, and so on. Using occupational health software by hospiio, you can streamline your employee health programme and increase organisational health, safety, and compliance.

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Our Mission

To ensure that everyone has simple access to professional guidance, timely awareness, and treatment, whether through their companies or individually for themselves and their families. Our mission is to ensure that India recognises the value of healthcare and that, with adequate information, advice, and routine check-ups, many significant medical issues may be eliminated. Occupational health software helps companies in developing innovative solutions to keep your employees happy, healthy, and motivated.


We have an extensive network of hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, pharmacy all devoted to build a healthy tomorrow.

Our team consists of only qualified, skills, motivated, disciplined & professional staff members.

Experienced and Trusted General physicians available for instant Consultation 24/7.

We offer a variety of packages designed according to their requirements & budget

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

Director's Vision

As a doctor, I value healthcare. Most people neglect their health and well-being until it is too late and they require a doctor. Many health issues can be avoided with professional aid, awareness, and regular check-ups. To introduce medical well-being awareness and guidance into people's normal work lives, and to allow them to receive expert advice and support inside corporate life, we developed hospiio. Companies are concerned about their employees' well-being following the COVID 19 lockdown and the 'New Normal' workplace opening, and recognise the necessity of investing in employee healthcare and awareness. therefore hospiio will be a one stop shop for healthcare.