Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions
Hospiin Care Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Hospiio” because of hospiio trademark), a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, is in the business of providing primary healthcare at your doorstep, including video/phone doctor consultations, health check-ups, medicine delivery, appointments for specialist consultations and dental treatment, and home care treatment (“Hospiio Services"). Hospiio services can be accessed via the website (www.hospiio.com), the Hospiio mobile application (Hospiio-Online Doctor Consultation App), or by phone. THESE ARE NOT HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES PROVIDED BY THE COMPANY.

By using our Hospiio Services, user acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted to be bound by the terms of service outlined below (“Terms of Service”) as well as all applicable laws. Please do not use the Hospiio Services if you do not agree to these Terms of Service or if you do not have the legal capacity to enter into a contract under Indian law. If Hospiio Services are offered to more than 1 (one) beneficiary or individual, user shall mean and include any individual enrolling or subscribing to Hospiio Services, whether for payment or otherwise (as clearly agreed in writing), including dependents of a Subscriber.
Privacy terms and conditions for Hospiin care pvt ltd( trademark hospiio)
We demand the highest standards for secure transactions and the protection of customer information. Please read the following statement to learn more about how we collect and disseminate information.
You expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy by simply using the Website. The Terms of Use incorporate this Privacy Policy and are subject to it.
When you visit the Website and use our services, we collect two types of information from you.
To begin, we gather any information you voluntarily provide. We collect information when you call or email us using the information on the ‘Contact Us' page, for example. Any and all information you post on this website or otherwise provide to Hospiin care pvt ltd with hospiio trademark must be true and accurate, not misleading, and offered in good faith.
We keep track of your identity and contact information, as well as any medical conditions discussed, guidance provided during your medical consultation, medical prescriptions, diagnostic reports, and other health records provided to us, whenever you call for a medical consultation. Our one-of-a-kind Patient Management System ensures that your information is kept private and secure. All medical consultations, including audio and video consultations, are taped and kept as part of your Electronic Health Records.
Second, we automatically collect some information about how you use the Website. For example, we collect the IP address of the domain from which you access the internet, the date and time you access our site, the pages you visit, the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site, and other similar information that helps us provide you with the best possible content. Except when required by law or other law enforcement authorities, this information is not shared with anyone outside of the website's support staff and is only used as a source of anonymous statistical data.

We may ask you to participate in optional online surveys from time to time. You may be asked for contact information as well as demographic data in these surveys (like pin code, location, age, or income level). We use this information to personalise your experience by showing you content and services that we think you might be interested in, as well as displaying content based on your preferences.

If your credit card, user name, or password is lost, stolen, or used without permission, you must immediately notify us as well as your bank/credit card provider. We will remove that credit card number, user name, or password from your account and update our records accordingly if this happens.

Cookies are useful to allow browsers to store user-specific information. We place on your computer's hard drive both permanent and temporary cookies. There are no personal information about you in the cookies.
In order to analyse the flow of our web page, to measure promotional effectiveness and to promote truth and security, we use data collection devices such as «cookies».

We also use cookies to help you less frequently enter your password during a session. Cookies can also assist us in providing information aimed at your concerns. You always have the right to reject our cookies, but in this case you may not be able to use specific features of the Web site/app and may need a more frequent entry of your password. Furthermore, in some of the Website pages placed by third parties, you may find "cookies" or other similar devices. We do not monitor third-party use of cookies.

Personal information sharing
We may share personal information with our others, to help you identify and prevent theft of identities, fraud and other potentially unlawful actions, to correlate or to prevent misuse of our services by using our relationships or multiple accounts and to facilitate their delivery or to provide joint or co-branded services,
Hospiin care pvt ltd with hospiio trademark is committed towards maintaining the privacy of the information uploaded by you on the website/app and complies with the industry standard security safeguards for the purpose of securing the website/app and the information provided/uploaded by you
Hospiio uses all reasonable endeavors to ensure the integrity of the online payment facility’s security. Despite our endeavors, breaches of security and confidentiality could occur. You acknowledge that we are not liable for any loss suffered by you as a result of any breaches in security

Website advertising
When you visit our website, we permit third party advertising companies to display ads. These companies may use information on your visits to this website and other web sites not to provide advertising of goods and services that are of interest to you (not including username, address, email address or telephone number).

Website of Third Party
Links to other websites are available on the Site. The privacy practises or the content of these websites are not our responsibility. We also provide you with chat rooms, forums, boards and newsgroups. Please realise that any information communicated in these areas will be made public. You must take caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. We have no control over its use.
Communication The communication of the Services is acceptable, including but not limited to Emails, SMS, MMS and other messages, information and updates from Hospiin care pvt ltd with hospiio trademark. We offer you an option to receive non-essential communications (promotional, marketing-related) from us after you have established an account with us.
Please write to support@hospiio.com if you wish to remove your contact details from all Hospiin Care/hospiio Lists and newsletters.

Your Agreement
You expressly consent to the collection and use of the information you disclose on the website and/or our services in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and also to the use of this website and/or to the use of this information, including but not limited to your consent to the exchange of this data in accordance with this privacy policy.
We'll post those changes on this page if we decide to change our Privacy Policy, so you will always know what information we collect, how we use it and under what conditions we disclose it.

Terms and Conditions for Online Consultations
Hospiin care pvt ltd ("Hospiio") offers online consultations via video conference/voice calling/offline consulting (E-MAIL) through its website/call center/phone/whatsapp/app/video call/chat ("Tele-Consultation"). The following terms and conditions apply to all tele-consultation transactions, including appointment booking and refunds, as well as all other transactions conducted through the website or its authorised third-party websites. The availability of teleconsultation services on the Website does not constitute an invitation or recommendation to use the teleconsultation services. The Website's services are not intended to be a substitute for a face-to-face consultation with a doctor in any way. Before making any decision based on this information, Hospiio advises users to conduct their own independent assessment of its accuracy, usefulness, and suitability. The terms "you" and "your" refer to any registered or unregistered user who is using/browsing through the Hospiio website/app and/or partner websites and/or using any of Hospiio's services.

Appointment, rescheduling, free review, and/or cancellation:
Multispecialty/general practitioners/MBBS doctors will be able to receive teleconsultations.
Tele-consultation with a specific doctor/physician is available based on his or her availability, willingness, and discretion. You will receive confirmation of your appointment with a specific doctor/physician via SMS and/or email, depending on his/her availability. Without prior notice, Hospiio reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment.
The consultation time provided to you is an estimate, and the actual consultation time may vary depending on the consulting Doctor's availability. For any emergency, never consult a doctor over the phone. The time frame displayed, indicating an instant doctor consultation in 60 seconds, should not be regarded as real time; it is being used for advertising purposes, and we always try to schedule a doctor as soon as possible, not specifically within 60 seconds.
Your consulted physician reserves the right to provide a free post-consultation review.
Only within the specified time limits can consultations be scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled.

You agree to subscribe to the Hospiio Services (“Subscription”) in exchange for payment of the Fees set forth in writing between you and Hospiin. You will be supplied HospiinServices to the extent and for the term agreed upon between you and Hospiin once you have made such payment.
Upon payment of the required Fee, the Subscriber may use any additional service(s) provided by Hospiio (the "Additional Services").
Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Hospiio reserves the right to change the Fee, the scope of the Hospiio Services/Additional Services, and/or suspend or stop the Hospiio Services/Additional Services (or any portion thereof) at any time.

The prices for using Hospiio Services and/or Additional Services will be specified in a written agreement or notified to the user at the time of availing service or consulting doctor.(“Fees”).The Fees do not include any and all relevant taxes, which you must pay on a per-incident basis.
Hospiio does not support or exert control over any branch of medicine, theory, opinion, viewpoint, or position on any subject.In the event of an emergency, Hospiio Services should not be used. If you suspect there is an emergency or someone requires immediate medical attention, please seek assistance from a nearby hospital.Users who reside in India and are bound by Indian laws are only eligible to use the Hospiio Services.
Hospiio and its representatives may decide, in their sole discretion and professional judgement, that Hospiio Services are not appropriate for part or all of your treatment needs and, as a result, may choose not to provide Hospiio Services to you through Hospiio's website, app, or phone.
Hospiio reserves the right to issue any benefit in whatever format it sees fit, including paper, electronic, and other formats. An active Subscriber will have the right to use the benefit, but only if it is used before the advantage expires.
Individual and/or family memberships in Hospiio are available in a variety of packages, each with its own membership plan that includes the number of beneficiaries, types of services, and length of membership. If your package permits for more than one (one) or numerous beneficiaries, some benefits, offers, or services may be redeemed or made available to your dependents at Hospiio's exclusive discretion. In such circumstances, the dependents are deemed Subscribers and have consented to and accepted the terms and conditions set out below.
Hospiio coupons, vouchers, bonuses, and incentives are not redeemable for cash or any other monetary consideration at any time.Persons under the age of 18 (eighteen) years may only utilise the Hospiino Service under the supervision and guidance of their parents or guardians.
The Hospiio Services may not be offered in all cases, and any quoted fees are subject to change at any time without notice.Your subscription begins as soon as you enrol with Hospiio, subject to payment, if any, and continues for the duration of the subscription, unless you or Hospiio cancel
You can cancel your subscription by sending us an email at support@hospiin.com 30 (thirty) days in advance.
Please contact us at contact@hospiio.com with any refund-related questions.
Hospiio also retains the right, in our sole discretion, to modify or stop any or all Hospiio Services / membership benefits, as well as all or parts of the Hospiio Services in certain geographic areas, either temporarily or permanently.
Hospiio retains the right to amend or change the Terms of Service at any time and without notice. Following any such modification, your continued access and use of the website and app will be deemed acceptance of the Terms of Service, as updated or changed from time to time. As a result, each time you access and use Hospiio Services, we ask that you read the Terms of Service.

You will be solely responsible for all activities carried out in your name and under your registered membership. You are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information about yourself, as well as updating such information on a regular basis.
You must keep your Hospiio account login information, including your display name and password, confidential and secure. If you suspect or know that your account is being used in an unauthorised manner, please notify us immediately.

The Hospiio app and website may contain general information about various medical conditions and how to treat them. Such information is provided solely for educational purposes. You should not disregard or postpone seeking medical advice because of information provided on the website or app.
You will not intentionally use the Hospiio Services in any way that harms Hospiio, its directors, employees, affiliates, distributors, partners, service providers and/or any User.
If it is discovered that you have violated or are likely to violate the Terms of Service, Hospiio reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend and/or terminate your access to and use of Hospiio Services with or without notice to you. Any suspected illegal, fraudulent, or abusive activity may result in your access to and use of Hospiio Services being suspended and/or terminated. Your right to use the features on the Hospiio website and app, as well as the product/coupon/voucher/package, will be immediately terminated if your account is suspended or terminated. Hospiio will not be liable to you or any third party for any refund of membership Fees or claims or damages arising from any suspension or termination of your access to and use of Hospiin Services, or any other actions taken by Hospiio in connection with such suspension or termination. It is clarified that the foregoing right is in addition to and without prejudice to Hospiio's legal and equitable rights.
You may receive SMS, email, or Whatsapp messages from Hospiio or its third party service provider / platform on your registered mobile number and/or email ID as part of the registration process and in the course of providing the Hospiio Service to you. These messages will be related to a new membership/package purchased on the Hospiio platform, appointments, reminders to use your health benefit, new product offers, educational content, status updates, and/or transactions that you conduct on the Hospiio platform. You agree to receive such messages from hospiio as well as any third-party service providers/platforms. Hospiio will only send these messages to the registered phone number, email address, or Whatsapp number. It is your responsibility to provide the correct phone number and email address for the transaction you wish to conduct.
We strongly advise you to independently confirm any information you find on the Hospiin platform. You will only use the Hospiin features in relation to and in accordance with all applicable Indian laws. You will not use this website and app, or any feature provided by the website and app, for any purpose other than those expressly stated in these Terms of Service.
Hospiio offers video/phone consultations with its doctors and arranges appointments for specialist consultations, treatment, diagnostic tests, and medicines with third-party healthcare providers in your area. In no event will Hospiio be liable for the Hospiio Services provided/sold to you by third-party service providers.
Accepting the Terms of Service authorises Hospiio to collect your medical records, reports, prescriptions, and other documents from third-party service providers for storage in an electronic health records management system.
You agree that Hospiio may record, save, and store all tele-consultations / instant messaging chat consultations / text messages / audios / videos / transcripts / prescriptions / email and hard copy correspondences with you for record purposes, and that these may be used as evidence in court if required.
You can book appointments for your family and friends on Hospiio. Please keep in mind, however, that you will be solely responsible for any activity conducted through your account on behalf of your family members and friends.
You can upload your identifiable health information, such as physical, physiological, and mental health conditions, as well as medical records, reports, prescriptions, and history, to the website and/or app. Hospiio may access the health information stored on the website in order to provide Hospiio Services effectively from time to time.

The Subscriber represents, warrants, and covenants, in writing, that:
The Subscriber shall use and avail of the Hospiio Services/Additional Services solely for his/her personal use and shall not violate any applicable laws and regulations in doing so.
While using the Hospiio Services and/or Additional Services, the Subscriber shall observe and adhere to prevalent moral standards, ethics, and follow Hospiio's standard practises to ensure safety; and
The Subscriber may not assign his or her Subscription to a third party.

In any case and under any circumstances, whether contract, tort, or otherwise, and notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Hospiio's liability shall be limited to the amounts paid by you for Hospiin Services rendered in the preceding month of claim, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
In no event shall Hospiio be held liable for any breach of any services rendered to you by others, including but not limited to marketing and distribution services relating to the Hospiio Services. Hospiio expressly disclaims all claims arising from the provision of such related and ancillary services.
In no event shall either party be liable to the other for any loss, whether indirect, consequential, or incidental, arising out of or in connection with the provision/use of Hospiio Services under these Terms of Service, even if advised of the possibility of such loss.
Hospiio Services are provided "as is," with no representations or warranties made regarding the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness, security, or accuracy of the data, general medical information, and treatment available on the Hospiio platform and Hospiio Services for any purpose. No oral or written information or advice given by Hospiio or its authorised representatives shall create a warranty or expand the scope of this warranty in any way.
Hospiio accepts no responsibility for any diagnosis or advice provided based on inaccurate or incomplete data that you upload to the Hospiio platform or otherwise provide to us. If you are in an emergency, the Hospiio Services provided through the Hospiio platform are not intended to be a substitute for face-to-face consultation with a doctor. You must make an independent assessment of the accuracy, usefulness, or suitability of Hospiio Services before making any decision based on such advice, and Hospiio will not be liable for any claims arising from such decisions.
Hospiio shall not be liable for any damage, whether physical, emotional, psychological, or financial, caused to you as a result of any improper/unintended use of the Hospiio Services, any coupon issued to you, or any of the benefits available thereunder, which includes, but is not limited to, misinterpretation of advice given to you by any Hospiio representatives or third party vendors.
Furthermore, Hospiio does not recommend or endorse any specific third-party consultant, nor does it make any representations or warranties about the quality of healthcare services that they may provide.

Hospiio owns or has rights to all worldwide intellectual property rights in and to the Hospiio platform (including all derivatives or improvements thereof), the Hospiio Services, and all medical records and documents created by Hospiio while performing the Hospiio Services. All suggestions, enhancement requests, feedback, recommendations, or other inputs relating to the Services that you provide will be owned by Hospiio.
It is strictly forbidden to remove or alter the copyright notice on any material appearing on this website. Except as expressly provided herein, nothing on this website should be construed as granting you any licence or other right without the express written permission of Hospiio.
Hospiio grants a limited, revocable, non-transferable, and non-exclusive licence to view, access, or download any content solely for the purpose of using the Hospiio Services for personal or non-commercial purposes. All information contained in or accessed through this website is protected by copyright, trademark, design, and patent laws, and your use is limited to browsing or availing Hospiio Services via our integrated platform and nothing more.
Any act or attempt to use the software beyond your limited access, such as I copying the Hospiio platform, or any portion thereof, or developing a software and/or platform with similar features or configurations; (ii) decompiling, disassembling, or reverse engineering the Hospiio platform; or (iii) using the Hospiio platform or the Hospiio Services for purposes other than those permitted herein, will be considered a violation.

These Terms of Service shall apply to each individual Subscriber from the date of Subscription until the date of expiry or termination of the same. The Subscription term may be extended for an additional period by paying the applicable Fee.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, either Hospiio or the Subscriber may terminate the Subscription at any time by providing 30 (thirty) days prior written notice to the other party. Hospiio reserves the right to cancel the Subscription with immediate effect if the Subscriber violates one or more of the terms of these Terms of Service and fails to cure such breach within 15 (fifteen) days of receiving written notice to that effect.
If the Subscription expires or is terminated earlier for any reason, the Subscriber shall I immediately cease to have access to Hospiio Services; and (ii) pay all outstanding Fees and other amounts due.
Any rights of Hospiio or Subscriber that may have accrued prior to the expiry or earlier termination of Subscription shall be unaffected. Any provision of these Terms of Service that, by definition, is intended to survive the expiration or earlier termination of Subscription (including, but not limited to, provisions pertaining to the protection of confidential information) shall remain binding on the Subscriber.

Electronic Payments/Refunds:
Hospiio accepts payments via the internet. Payment for consultation fees can be made via internet banking, debit/credit card, or any other online method. Once you've decided to pay the Service Fees, you'll be directed to one of our secure payment gateway partners.
Hospiio will not be liable in any way if you provide incorrect or inaccurate credit/debit card details for the payment of consultation fees, or if you use a credit/debit card that is not lawfully owned by you, or if you allow a third party to access your account using your password or other means.
Unless it is an authorised third-party website and/or required by law, regulation, or court order, Hospiio will keep the aforementioned information confidential at all times and will not use or share it with any third parties.
Refunds are possible if the user submits a request by filling out the contact us form and providing details, as well as sending an email to support@hospiio.com within three days of the consultation.
Only genuine and trackable cancellation requests generated by you will receive a refund. Requests for refunds due to delays, the nature of the advice received, the efficacy of treatment, or the health outcomes of the consultation will not be considered.
Refunds are usually processed within 15 working days of receiving your request. All refund-related correspondence should be sent to support@hospiio.com.
Hospiio reserves the right to change or implement a new pricing structure at any time before billing you for your first or subsequent payments.

Any proprietary or non-public information of Hospiio, whether written, oral, or visual, disclosed to or acquired by the Subscriber in connection with these Terms of Service shall be treated as confidential and shall not be disclosed to others without the prior written permission of Hospiio.

This Terms of Service is an electronic record in accordance with the Information Technology Act of 2000 and its rules, as applicable and amended from time to time. This electronic record is produced by a computer system and does not require physical or digital signatures. This Terms of Service are published in accordance with Rule 3 (1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011, which requires the publication of the rules and regulations, privacy policy, and Agreement for access or usage of the Hospiio telemedicine platform.

FORCE MAJEURE is an abbreviation for Force Majeure. Hospiio shall not be liable for any failure or delay in providing its services under these Terms of Service if such failure or delay is caused by force majeure events beyond a party's reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, uncontrollable technical glitches, ransomware, cyber terrorism, internet disconnection by governmental authority, cyber-attack, strikes, acts of terrorism, b The affected party shall notify the other party of the full details of any force majeure event as soon as reasonably possible, but no later than seven (7) days after its occurrence. Both parties will make reasonable efforts to lessen the impact of a force majeure event.

ASSIGNMENT is a formalised phrase that means "assignment." The website is only for your personal use and is not transferable or assignable. However, Hospiio reserves the right to assign, transfer, or subcontract its obligations or rights to its successors, affiliates, associates, or any other entity by contractual agreement or by operation of law, or to acquire all or substantially all of Hospiio's assets.

NOTICE. Any notice in connection with these Terms of Service must be in writing and sent by registered mail to the address listed below, or by e-mail to support@hospiio.com.
Ground Floor, Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Complex, Near MVJ College, Chennasandra Main Road, Kadugodi Post, Bangalore 560067.
CONTRACTOR ON YOUR OWN. These Terms of Service are on a principal-to-principal basis, and nothing herein shall be construed or interpreted as making Subscriber an agent, employee, or representative of Hospiio in any way.
WAIVER. Failure by either party to exercise any of its rights under this agreement shall not constitute or be deemed a waiver or forfeiture of any such rights unless given in writing.
COMPLETE AGREEMENT. These Terms of Service (including the documents, links, and annexures referred to herein) constitute the parties' entire agreement with respect to the subject matter
hereof and supersede all prior proposals, contemporaneous communications, and understandings, written or oral, relating to it.

PERMANENCE. If any of the terms in these Terms of Service are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provisions is unaffected, and the remainder of the Terms of Service remain valid and binding on the parties.

JURISDICTION & GOVERNING LAW The terms of the Services shall be governed and construed in accordance with Indian law, and the courts of Bengaluru shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute arising hereunder.

Informed disclaimer form
 I acknowledge and certify that I have read in a language that I understand and that it has been explained to me in a language that I understand and that I have fully properly understood the contents of the information material provided with this data form as well as the contents of this data form.
I certify that I have provided complete and accurate information about my medical history, medications (if any), and allergies, as well as all of my medical records. I understand that my medical information will be uploaded to "Hospiio care(hospiin pvt ltd)" by me, my nominee, or a data analysis. I understand that Hospiio will not be held liable in any way for the consequences of providing incorrect or incomplete information.
I confirm that, in consultation with my treating physician, I have the authority to accept, decline, or modify "Hospiio" recommendations.
I understand that Hospiio/treating Physicians assume no liability or responsibility for the content of the hospiio Website's propriety, accuracy, or completeness."
I understand that my medical records and information will be stored on the "hospiio Website/app" platform for treatment recommendations. I understand that Hospiio, its doctors, and employees will not be held liable for any consequences resulting from the sharing of such information/treatment/consultation/medicines/side effects.
I acknowledge that Hospiio or any of its doctors have made no guarantees or assurances to me about the success of treatment plans suggested by them.