Occupational Health Center

Healt Camp

Ambulance Service

Medicines Supply


All Your employees healthcare needs at one place

WHO data revealed 12.2 million people die annually from preventable diseases in developing countries.

Unhealthy employees not only perform poorly, but also affect team morale and productivity.

Employees that are treated properly at work are motivated to work more and contribute to the company's total productivity and profit, not merely count the hours they work.

Hospiio will be one stop solution for a corporate clients and also for individuals looking for professional online consultation, regular health check ups for themselves and their family.

Occupational health centers

OHC setup and management

Onsite qualified doctors ,MBBS and AFIH( associate fellow of industrial health) specialist doctors, physiotherapist, dieticians, nurses according to the needs and the size of the organisation.

Solutions to all your biomedical waste management

Health check-ups

Annual health check-ups for all employees

Onsite health check-up camps for any one in need

Onsite vaccination camps

Regular webinars and on site talks by our expert Dieticians and Physiotherapist to keep your employees fit and healthy

24/7 Ambulance service

We provide the following support for your organization

Basic life support(bls)Fully equipped Ambulance

Advanced life support

24/7 ambulance driver taking care of every needful situations

Supply of medicines ,surgical and medical instruments

We stock all the essential medicines, first aid boxes, PPE kits, Masks, ECG, AED, etc. needed by the OHC

We maintain a regular inventory list, buffer stock and restock all the essentials from time to time so we never run out of anything at any point.

E consultation

All your employees can consult our qualified, trusted and experienced Doctors, Dieticians & Physiotherapists over call/chat /video when required.

It can provide improved access, enhances patient need and provides satisfaction, and reduce beneficiary travel expenses.